3 Ways Dermatologists Can Get More Business with Social Media Ads

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One reason why social media ads are such a great marketing method for dermatology clinics is that they can be used to generate business in so many different ways. Here are three effective ways you can use ads to get more bookings and bag more profit.

Show What Makes Your Clinic Different

No two dermatology clinics are exactly alike, even when they're part of the same franchise. However, since most prospective clients aren't skin experts themselves, it's not always immediately obvious what the difference is between all the clinics in the city. That may lead them to choose the cheapest or closest option, even if your clinic would be better for them.

To secure more patients, find what makes your clinic special and highlight those unique selling points in your social media ads. This will help build awareness of your clinic culture and convince people to choose you next time they need dermatology services.  As an example, perhaps you're the only clinic in your area that offers an on-time guarantee. You can show that by running a social media ad specifically telling customers they can get their money back if you're running behind schedule on your appointments.

Share Patient Testimonials

As a medical business, you need to secure patients to make money—and prospective patients know this. As such, many will always be sceptical when a clinic boasts about how great they are in their marketing. Patients know you're trying to attract them, so they believe you may cover up the bad parts of your clinic and embellish the good ones to convince them to book with you. That's why using social media ads to share patient testimonials can be a big help in securing patients.

Prospective patients will always give more credibility to the opinions of people who are objective and doesn't stand to gain anything from what they say. In your case, these people are your past patients. Testimonials from people who love your service will do a far better job of persuading new patients than tooting your own horn ever will. So if you have some great reviews, consider sharing them in your ads.

Advertising Last-Minute Cancellations

Another great way to utilise social media ads to get more business is to advertise your last-minute cancellations. These ads are simple, and they're also very cheap since you won't need to run them for long. As a result, they offer a great return on investment, filling up an appointment slot that would usually go to waste.

There are two audiences you should run these ads to. The first is people who have already liked or followed your page—most of these people will be past customers of yours, so they won't hesitate to book with you again. The other method is to run them as 'retargeting' ads to people who have already browsed your page or website. Often, people don't look for a new dermatologist until they really need one, so offering them last-minute appointments could be the way to get them in the door and secure them as a long term patient.

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